Buying a Home? ……… Feeling stressed out?

A Home Inspection is supposed to give you some peace of mind…. but the experience can feel overwhelming!

You will receive a lot of information ….. A home inspection includes a written report, checklist, photographs, environmental reports, and comments from the Home Inspector himself. All this combined with the seller’s disclosures can make the experience overwhelming.

Relax! Most of the information will be maintenance recommendations or minor cosmetic imperfections. This is great information, but let’s break all the information down to something we can easily understand!


Schneider Home Inspections
Dan Schneider
Licensed Home Inspector WSDL License # 1157
Licensed Structural Pest Inspector WSDA License # 88060

Osprey Home Inspections
Denny Granstrand
Licensed Home Inspector WSDL License # 366

Integrity Home Inspections
Ryan Franke
Licensed Home Inspector WSDL License # 809

Caldwell Home Inspections
Brian Caldwell
Licensed Home Inspector WSDL License # 715

Dream Home Services (Sunnyside, Grandview Area)
Larry Kuga
Licensed Home Inspector WSDL License # 916


  1. Major Defects: ( Structural Failures)
  2. Things That May Lead to A Major Defect: ( Missing Shingles on A Roof)
  3. Things That May Make it Hard To Finance or Insure the Home (Peeling Exterior Paint)
  4. Safety Hazards (Exposed Electrical Wires or a Bad Electrical Panel)

Most Seller’s are honest people and they are often surprised to learn of problems uncovered in the Home Inspection! Keep things in perspective! Ask the seller to repair what is really important.

It may NOT be appropriate to ask the seller to repair any minor cosmetic repairs or deferred maintenance…. and here are some reasons why! Consider what you offered to pay for the home…. Was it full Price? Have you already asked the Seller to pay for your own buyer’s closing costs? Are there other Buyer’s willing to purchase the home right away? These other buyer’s may be less picky and therefore more attractive to the seller.

Please realize that Seller’s are under NO OBLIGATION to repair everything that is mentioned in the Home Inspection Report, and that NO home is perfect!

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